Dear seniors, We’ve seen it all...

Long hours, panic mode, creative blocks, tight-as-hell deadlines, incomplete briefs, subpar productions, sketchy sign-offs, ego-tripping, frustration, void meetings, “we made it, despite all the mess”...
The current world we live in is still shaped by the curious and crazy ones. You’re one of them, that’s why you joined years ago.
Like us, you see the past decade or so hasn’t shown design and advertising that moves and shakes the world like it did ‘in the good old days’. You tell yourself grit and determination gives you head-turning, award-winning work. 
However, it’s never been about that. It’s about collaboration, intelligence, craft and, above all, creativity.
katalist is here to take it back and help make your best work!
We scan the lifecycle of a brief and operations bottom-up. Finetune and implement changes across process, collaboration and accountability. This gives the creative-, studio-, and production departments free rein to do what they do best: create and craft to the best of their abilities. Doing so this will set you apart from competition and sets you up for growth!
katalist. we strike the match, you light the flame.
As you might've noticed this site is still under construction.
If you're eager to understand how our services can support you, or if you have any feedback, please drop us a line.

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