Not top down like most consultants, but bottom-up. We believe there's no better way to get to know a companies ins and outs than by getting in the trenches. We sit in on meetings, try the work, ask around and ofcourse include the boring stuff like surveys. We do this across all departments and disciplines that touch briefs and/or work orders.
We Assess
By getting an understanding what really lives on the floor across organisational touchpoints we get to grips on what is working and what is not. We benchmark our findings against the latest industry standards.
We Report
We conclude our findings in a report, giving you full insight on what's actually happening on the floor at the level of operations, briefings, culture, workload, roles and responsibilities, ownership, etc. With this report you will be able to singlehandedly make changes to your operations and optimise for creativity, craft & growth.
We Implement
Usually assessments like these gather dust on the founder's desk. The implementation of changes usually takes a lot of time and energy and isn't always received without scepticism by those working in the organisation. Hence we advise to help you implement. 
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